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Dear parents,
as a certified gentle sleep coach and mother, I know how exhausting it is to have a child with sleep problems. Back then, we really struggled and tried so many different methods and I had read so many books on how to get a baby to sleep. Unfortunately nothing seemed to work and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

Until we decided to contact a professional sleep coach. I wish we had done it earlier! Finally we had our peace, quietness and sleep back. I would love to help families get their well deserved sleep back. More information about me, you’ll find HERE.

Your Sleep Fairy, Karen

Ready to take back your nights?

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Step 1
Contact me or book a free discovery call (HERE)

Step 2
Consultation and get a personalized sleep plan that fits best to your family

Step 3
Apply the sleep plan, get active support & stay emotionally connected to your child

Step 4
Get back your nights

Which problems can be solved with sleep coaching and what can I help you with

  • Problems falling asleep: Your child doesn’t manage to fall asleep by itself and always needs some kind of assistance. For example, breastfeeding/bottle, baby carrier, stroller, holding hands, rocking etc.
  • Night wakings and sleeping through the night: Your child wakes up multiple times at night and doesn’t seem to manage to fall asleep again.
  • Short napping or nap refusal: It seems like your child doesn’t want to sleep during the day or only sleeps very short
  • Long night wakings: Your child has long periods of being awake at night and doesn’t manage to fall back asleep
  • Early rising: Your child is always awake very early and doesn’t fall back a sleep.
  • Wean nights feedings (depending on age)
  • How to handle temporary setbacks through age such as: teething, developmental leaps, travel, illness etc.
  • Set up a healthy daily structure, nap structure and age appropriate bedtime.

Do you have some questions or need more information? Feel free to contact me HERE Or write my via whatsapp:

A gentle sleep method

During sleep coaching, we use only gentle methods and we make sure that we can keep the tears to a minimum. Letting your child cry it out is not part of this method. I’ve been trained to become a gentle sleep coach by Kim West “The Sleep Lady”. She is a well-known child and family therapist and author of various bestsellers on the subject of children’s sleep. She has developed a unique special gentle sleep learning method (Gentle Sleep Coaching) and is now helping families to find sleep again for over 20 years. Here you’ll find more details about this wonderful Method.


“Help, my child does not want to sleep!”
If you are currently facing sleep challenges, you are at the right place at Sleep Fairy! Because who can understand tired parents better than a mom who has made baby sleep her job?

Why sleep is so important
Well rested, balanced babies and children can develop better. When children learn the ability to self sooth and fall a sleep independently, they also learn how to sleep through the night. I will help, with use of a gentle sleep method, how you can teach your children to self sooth and sleep through the night.

Not so sure yet, or need some more information? I am happy to offer a free discovery call, so that we can see if sleep coaching is something you feel comfortable with.

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Beste Schlaf Trainerin 🤍

Rated 5 out of 5

Liebe Karen, dank dir hat Mutti wieder viel Energie sich um ihren kleinen Mann zu kümmern, weil ich dank dir super entspannte Nächte habe und nicht mehr um 19:30 Uhr todes müde auf der Couch einschlafe! Du hast mein Leben wieder lebenswert gemacht, weil ich am liebsten genauso viel schlafe wie ein Baby. 😊 danke danke danke!!!!


Knowledgeable, caring, supportive of our choices

Rated 5 out of 5

Karen really helped us over the course of 3-4 months after we had instilled some hard-to-change associations in our newborn baby. His naps were especially an issue and Karen was very reassuring as I struggled to believe this could ever change; she helped to encourage me to have a good perspective and appropriate timeline. I appreciated that she had a very thorough knowledge base, that she seemed genuinely to care about how we were getting on, and that she tailored her suggestions and information to our own preferences (e.g. around pacifier use, night weaning, etc.) and choices as parents. After the first consultation, I felt I wanted more of a set “plan”, so in the second consultation she helped us to make a plan for the order of the changes we wanted to make, and how to prioritise the order of these changes to make a gentle and effective way forward. I appreciated her responsiveness to follow-up questions and ability to have her input over a few consultations during that time, as someone who knew our baby’s history and trajectory. We did gentle teaching and changes over the time he was 3.5 months to 6.5 months, at which time we felt he would benefit from a bit more of a formal approach (I feel it’s appropriate to note that we opted on our own for a ‘non-gentle’ modified Ferber method of checking in at gradually increasing intervals; he had already been putting himself to sleep independently for a month or two so we knew he could do it and just needed to figure out how to do it during the night not just at the beginning of the night – this was not advised by Karen, we chose it ourselves, but she did not judge us for it at all when we told her we had done so). Thankfully, with God graciously helping us with wisdom and endurance, and in large part because of the gentle sleep skills teaching he had been learning over time, our baby learned the final pieces of sleep training within a few nights of 7 minutes or less of fussing (not crying) and has currently been sleeping through the night (10.5-11.5 hours) for two weeks. There will be ups and downs to come (we’re in the 3-2 nap transition right now and that’s…. interesting…), but we are so grateful for this reprieve and to know that he has this baseline ability. I would definitely recommend Karen as someone who is knowledgeable, caring, and supportive of your choices as you seek a gentle way to teach your baby to sleep. If you are reading this and you are pregnant or with a very little newborn, my advice is to go ahead and book a consult NOW so you can do good sleep habits early!!! But even if you, like us, started down some paths that feel impossible to change, book a consultation and start – I think Karen will help you make your changes in a gentle and effective way.