During sleep coaching we only use gentle techniques. This means that we won’t let your child scream alone in their room or let them cry it out. You as a parents help your child to learn how to sleep and you are there to support them. Sleep coaching is not to be confused with well known sleep training. If you would like to know the difference, read my blog article about the exact differences HERE

What makes this gentle sleep coaching method so successful?

During sleep coaching I coach you as a parent on how to teach your child to learn how to fall asleep by itself without help and eventually to sleep through the night. You won’t have to leave your child crying alone for hours. During sleep coaching I use the gentle sleep method from Kim West “The Sleep Lady”. Kim West is the author of several bestseller books on the subject of children’s sleep. She is also a well-known child and family therapist. She successfully helped parents all over the world for over 20 years. Kim West has developed a special gentle sleep method. In about 2-3 weeks your child will learn how to fall asleep by itself and self sooth. You as parents will be there for your child to help and reassure them, so they feel comfortable and not left alone.

Every family is different and everyone has a different rhythm and expectations when it comes to their children and their sleep. This is not a one-size-fits-all method. Rather, it’s an achievable, step-by-step method that has a 95% success rate when the child is healthy and parents are consistent. I analyse every family/child individually and set up a personalized sleep plan for every child.

Sleep problems

Some children have problems to fall asleep at night, some have early wakings, some have problems with napping, and the list goes on. With each of these problems I am there to help.

  • Problems falling asleep: Your child doesn’t manage to fall asleep by itself and always needs some kind of assistance. For example, milk, baby carrier, stroller, holding hands, rocking etc.
  • Problems sleeping through the night: Your child wakes up multiple times at night and doesn’t seem to manage to fall asleep again
  • Short napping to no napping: It seems like your child doesn’t want to sleep during the day or only sleeps very short
  • Night wakings: Your child has long periods of being awake at night.
  • Early wakings: Your child is always awake very early and doesn’t fall back a sleep

Are you exhausted and don’t know what to do anymore? Are you ready to finally have a good night of sleep again? Then contact me and I will help you get that well deserved sleep. Click HERE for the different sleep coaching packages.

Free Info Call

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