General Consultation

CHF128 Inkl. MwSt.

From 6 Months to 6 years

Sleep Consult of approx. 60 Min (phone, video or personal)

Going over current sleep situation of your child & daily rhythm and all your questions

Tips and information on how to improve:

  • Naps & bedtime
  • Sleep environment
  • Sleeping through the night.
  • Weaning from breastfeeding/bottle
  • Early rising
  • Optimal awake windows



This package is best suitable for babies/children in the age of 6 months to 6 years.

If you prefer to keep it ‘simple’ and you have the feeling you don’t need a lot of support but just some quick tips and information, a general consult might be the solution for you.

During this consult we look at the current sleep situation of your child, your daily rhythm and of course we go through all your questions. I will give you tips and information on how to improve naps, bedtime, sleep environment and how your child can learn to sleep through the night.

If needed I can give you tips on how to (partially) wean of breastfeeding/the bottle. Or maybe it’s time to transition from a crib to a toddler bed, or from co-sleeping to own bed/room.

Maybe you have a early riser? Or your child keeps climbing into your bed at night? Or maybe you are up multiple times at night because your baby uses your breast or a bottle as a way to sooth itself. For all these problems there is a solution, which I am happy to discuss with you.

Unlike the basic and premium sleep package, there is no previous analysis done, neither is a personal sleep plan and follow up calls. Do you wish to have an extensive analysis, sleep plan and follow up calls/support? Then one of my sleep packages might be a better solution for you.

Should you realize after our consult that you need more help after all, it is no problem to upgrade to a sleep package or to book extra phone calls.