Q & A

What’s sleep coaching?
During sleep coaching, I coach parents on how to teach their child to sleep by themselves. Every family has a different rhythm and a different wish when it comes to their child’s sleep. Every child is different. This is all taken into account. Each child is analysed individually and a personal sleep plan is made for each child. Unlike sleep training, we don’t let the kids cry alone for hours. I will coach you over 2-3 weeks and help you find a way for your children to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night. You can read more about this method HERE.
From which age can we start sleep coaching?
I advise you to start sleep coaching from 6 months. Younger babies aged 0-5 months are simply mentally not ready and need a completely different approach. My training is also specialized in babies aged 0-5 months, and here too I can help you.
What’s the best age for sleep coaching?
It’s never too late to learn to sleep. I do advise not to start sleep coaching under the age of 6 months. Babies younger than 6 months need a different approach as they are still so sensitive and mentally just not ready to be sleep coached. My training is also specialized in babies aged 0-5 months, and here too I can help you.
Does it happen, that this method doesn’t work?
Sleep coaching has a success rate of 95%. When it doesn’t work it’s often because parents have unrealistic expectations, don’t manage to stay consistent or sometimes it also happens that a child needs another (medical) care first.
Do I have to stop breastfeeding when we start sleep coaching?
No, you don’t have to stop breastfeeding. Whether your child is breastfed, gets formula or already eats solids, every child can learn how to sleep independently.
Does my child has to sleep in his own bed or can we continue co-sleeping?
It is not a requirement that your child sleeps in his own bed. You decide what you want and what you feel comfortable with. Whether it’s in its own bed, co-sleeper or family bed, there will always be a way to teach your child how to sleep on their own.
Are the costs covered by health insurance?
At the moment health insurance companies do not cover the costs of sleep coaching. Should this happen in the future, I will be happy to inform you about it.
How much does sleep coaching cost?
On the page Information and Prices you will find the different sleep advice options and respective prices
Do I have to let my child cry it out, so they can learn how to sleep?
No absolutely not! At Sleep Fairy, we use a gentle way to teach your child how to sleep. Of course, every child might cry a little when they have to change their sleep behavior. This is very normal. But your child will not be alone and you as a parent will be there to support them and help them along the way.