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  • Daylight Saving Time 2021

    Daylight Saving Time 2021

    Soon it’s time for that one our time change again. On Sunday the 28th of march we change to daylight saving time. This means that the clock changes from 02:00 to 03:00 o’clock.  Many parents are happy with the timechange to “summertime”, especially those who have early risers. Because this means that your child will…

  • Early wake ups – How to resolve early rising

    Early wake ups – How to resolve early rising

    Maybe you have always had an early riser or maybe it just started since the time changed to winter time. Suddenly your baby/toddler begins to wake earlier and earlier.  First of all, it’s good to know that waking up anywhere between 6 AM and 7:30 AM is a biological appropriate time for children to wake…

  • The 9 month sleep regression

    The 9 month sleep regression

    So much is happening in those first months of your baby’s life. Sometimes it just feels like they are going from one development in the next. The last development or sleep regression was finally over, you got back into a good rhythm and „Hello“ there is the next one again. Your baby starts to sleep…

  • Nightmare or night terror?

    Nightmare or night terror?

    Nightmares and night terrors can be very confusing. By knowing the difference between the two of them, you will know what to do and how to handle them better. Nightmares From a certain age you may notice that your child has more nightmares, which it totally normal. Of course it can be quite challenging when…

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